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Devil’s Racetrack

The Devil’s Racetrack trail head is one of Campbell County’s more interesting scenic overview opportunities. There are three areas in which you can reach the scenic overlook and geologic formation. This is the most used trail section of the CT in Campbell County.

Top of Ridge overlook

Top of Ridge overlook

  1. Cumberland Trail:  Location is a trailhead parking area. It splits off into the Red Ash section and the Devil’s Racetrack section. This is the official way to climb up to Devil’s Racetrack, but is slightly overgrown.


  1. Shelton Hollow Ln :  Is the most direct and shortest walking distance to the top of the ridge. This entrance is the most scenic and interesting with Bruce’s Gap stream flowing along the right side of the trail. Sadly this entrance is unkept and littered.

Pano of top of Ridge

  1. Eagle’s Bluff (The Rock):  Section starts 300 yards west of Eagle Bluff. It requires the least amount of upward climb, but stays along the ridge-top.

Below is a good resource link to the Campbell County’s Chamber of Commerce Website which lays out CT trails on the ridge.